Heaven Nevaeh Healing Center Inc. was given birth in 2010 by our Founder and President David Norris. HNHC is a discipleship ministry that is built on the truths of God’s inerrant and infallible Word. HNHC focuses on deliverance of sin through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our approach to drug addiction, sexual sin, and the love for pleasure sets us apart from nearly all other residential programs. We believe that falling in love with Jesus and His Word is enough. We believe that it is Jesus alone that can change a man’s heart. We believe that once an individual genuinely accepts Christ as Lord they are called into action. We believe it is God’s will that we put our faith to work; working towards a holy lifestyle “preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded…”

Phase I—Separation/Sanctification

The first 7 months of that journey starts in our Live-In Program. One major aspect of the program is that men will be separated from the negative influences of the world and sanctified by a Godly atmosphere. The drug infested cultures that men come from are filled with sensual desires that lure them away from Godly living. The Live-In Program acts as a buffer to the world, filtering out ungodly influences. Making the transition to the rural community of Judah; which is located in Bedford, IN will prove to be a major help in itself. We must leave behind harmful relationships and the memories of a defeated lifestyle. The 17,000 square foot campus is located in the middle of a Valley, surrounded by farm land, and beautiful rolling hills. We are set apart from the street life; this is a great place for men to fall in love with Jesus.

Phase I—Discipline/Self Control

Without a doubt, men who are giving over to drug addiction lack self-control. We believe that the pursuit of self-control is obtained by disciplining one’s mind and flesh into subjection to the Spirit of God. This leads us to live Spirit Controlled lives. Going through our Live-In Program is a period of adjustment as men learn to lay aside their self-centered pursuit of pleasure. Men learn to think of others and love others hopefully as much as they have loved themselves. The only way to do this is by seeking an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Nothing will ever change until they fall in love with Jesus.

The Live-In Program is 7 months in length. During this time period the men are required to attend all meetings, participate in daily devotions, complete Bible Study’s, and learn to live un-selfish lives by serving in the community 4 hours a day with no pay. From the outset, the men are expected to do what the Lord requires of them in light of scripture. As structure, accountability, and discipline are worked into a man’s life, strength of character develops. This enables him to deny temptations and equips him to continue living life in victory.

Phase I—Counseling

The leaders at HNHC are fully invested in the lives of those who come to live at HNHC.

Phase I—Spiritual Atmosphere

One of the dynamic features of the Live-In Program is the presence of the Holy Spirit which fills the entire campus. The presence of consecration and asceticism creates a hunger in these men to know the Lord in a deeper way. Spending time with the Lord through devotions, studies, chapel, serving, and prayer helps men find genuine repentance that leads to the end of a sinful lifestyle.

Real-World Segment

The program of HNHC currently consists of two phases. Phase I is 7 months in length and is structured to provide men the foundation needed to achieve lasting victory over addiction, sexual sin, and the pleasure filled life. Phase II is a 6 month transitional phase, during which the basic structure and accountability allows the student greater freedom to put into practice what they have learned and focuses on preparing them to sustain a victorious Christian walk after they have completed the program.

Phase II—Program Overview

The Phase II program is a much needed addition to the student’s life. We have observed men leave HNHC without a plan, structure, or accountability and only return to the same defeated lifestyle. We believe that returning to sin can be prevented through continued discipleship. In Phase II we are willing to walks hand in hand as they transition into the real-world.

The Phase II house has been established inside the city limits of Bedford, IN. We have housing for up to 5 men. To be eligible to live and work from the P. Street house you must have completed the HNHC Live-In Program or the Saul to Paul Live-In Program located in Ellettsville, IN. To be accepted into the transitional program you must be in good standing with both ministries and willing to submit to the P. Street house rules and guidelines.

This is a 6 month commitment where we provide you a job through local employment. A safe, and structured environment, to come home to at the end of a hard day’s work. Accountability to remain focused on Jesus and His word by attending daily bible studies along with learning how to manage your earnings.

Students from Saul to Paul will spend their first two weeks at HNHC Live-In Program for plan development and relationship building. HNHC students will spend their last two weeks on plan development. Plan development consists of securing employment, establishing identification, bank account, addressing legal concerns, and relationship building. Our goal for the student is that at the end of six months they have enough savings to secure their own apartment, maintain a relationship with their employer, honor all legal concerns, and be a good son to their Father in Heaven.

P. Street Fee Schedule

The Live-In Fee Schedule for students going to live at the P. Street house will be as follows. Students will pay a house fee of $75.00 per week. Each student will also be required to pay $50.00 per week to secure a transitional plan upon completion of their 6 month transition. This money is an incentive to finish the 6 month commitment and trust the Lord to continue to provide a plan for your future. If the student is asked to leave the P. Street house or chooses to quit he also forfeits this incentive.

Student will need to provide for his own food and hygiene items. No fees will be due until the student receives his first paycheck. Your earnings should be adequate to cover the weekly program fees, legal affairs, and daily living. If you have financial concerns, these should be addressed with the Director during the initiation process.

Students cannot move into the P. Street house until employment has been secured. HNHC will arrange employment for the student, typically through IN-FAB Inc., and there may be situations that differ and some students are employed elsewhere. If for any reason a student becomes un-employed at no fault of the student arrangements will be made to re-employ student elsewhere. HNHC staff should be notified immediately in such a case.

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