Healing Center Inc.

Welcome to HNHC and thank you for having an interest in our ministry


The applicant must call HNHC himself and express his desire for change. The process for acceptance begins at this point.

Phase I-Separation/Sanctification

The Live-In Program acts as a buffer to the world, filtering out ungodly influences. The first seven months of the journey starts on our 17,000 square foot campus, located in the middle of a valley, surrounded by farm land and beautiful rolling hills.

Phase I-Discipline/Self control

Without a doubt, men who are given over to drug addiction lack self-control. At HNHC they learn to think of others and love others hopefully as much as they have loved themselves, by seeking an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. During this time the men are required to attend all meetings, participate in daily devotion, Bible Studies, and live un-selfish lives by serving the community four hours a day without pay. 

As structure, accountability, and discipline are worked into a man’s life, strength of character develops. This enables him to deny temptations and equips him to continue living life in victory!

Phase I-Counseling

Our leaders are fully invested in the lives of those who come to live at HNHC. Are method of counseling is from the Bible forward.

Phase I-Spiritual Atmosphere

The presence of the Holy Spirit creates a hunger in these men to know the Lord in a deeper way. Spending time with Him through devotions, studies, chapel, serving, and prayer helps men find genuine repentance that leads to the end of a sinful lifestyle.

Phase II-Program Overview (Real World Segment)

The transition from Phase I to Phase II is a slow transition. Students will continue the same schedule as Phase I minus the hours they are at work. All students are employed at PRD initially.  Students move into an apartment on ministry grounds and are given less restrictions but still have accountability.  Here they are provided with a job, a safe structured environment, roommates to come home to after a hard day’s work, and accountability for their walk with God. They will develop a plan to: manage finances, establishing identification, address legal concerns, and build relationships.

Phase III- P. Street House

To prevent our students from returning to the same defeated lifestyle they came from.  We continue to walk hand in hand with them while they transition into the real-world. In this six-month Phase students move into a house owned by HNHC inside Bedford city limits.  Our goal is that at the end of Phase III they will have enough savings to secure their own apartment, maintain a relationship with their employer, honor all legal concerns and be a good son to their Father in Heaven.

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