Free At Last!

A Disciples Journey

"Before I met Christ, I was pathetic and disgusting and my life was full of self-love and idolatry. All that consumed me was what I wanted, when I wanted it, and what I could do to get it. That was how I approached life...It was Christ that turned my life around; He transformed me and showed me grace that I did not deserve and for that I am glad" (Norris p. 38)

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This is an easy read and very encouraging for all audiences. For the parent and the addict; their is hope in Jesus. This is more than a story it is a tool on how to be FREE AT LAST.

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Welcome to Heaven Nevaeh Healing Center
We are located in Bedford, Indiana

Nevaeh is the word Heaven turned around. This turning around represents the decision a man must make. turn your back to the world and your face toward the Father and His Son Jesus Christ!!!​

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HNHC is changing its name to Free At Last Ministries and expanding it Out-reach and In-reach

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Heaven Nevaeh

David Norris the Founder and President shares his testimony with the 700 Club on the CBN Network. Share this with anyone that is seeking help and freedom from addiction.

GOD is Changing Lives!

So if the Son sets you Free; You will be Free Indeed

(John 8:36)

Heaven Nevaeh Healing Center
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